Granite Worksurface Aftercare

Notwithstanding their celebrated mirror finish and extraordinary heatproof properties, like all natural products, granite and marble are both to some degree porous, which means that even the highest grades and densest stones can still become marked and stained - without the proper care. Dark granite is generally considered to be least porous but in reality every surface is different.

The highly polished surface will give some protection from stains but to preserve the flawless beauty of the stone for years to come, please observe these simple rules:

  • remove all spillages as soon as possible, especially hot oil, vinegar, lemon juice, alcohol, acids, alkalines, and detergents.
  • avoid scratching and marking by preparing food on a suitable board and not directly on the work surface itself.
  • clean and protect regularly using a suitable product.

Do not place QUARTZ COMPOSITE surfaces in places subject to strong direct sunlight or expose it to UV lighting. Do not place very hot items on the QUARTZ Surfaces (hot pans, etc.). Do not use water-repellents or sealers to bring out the shine. Do not use stripping agents, caustic soda, degreasing products, or products with a pH over 10 or chlorine-based. If you use bleach or a solvent you must rinse with water and never leave them in permanent contact with the surface. Refer to for full information on the product characteristics.

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